Without Scott’s vocal lessons, my voice would not be in the strong, sustainable and healthy position that it is today, nor would I have achieved my place studying musical theatre at University. His teaching built the foundations of my voice with proper technique after beginning with little to no technique whatsoever. He has helped me to build a repertoire of music suitable for auditions, as well as coaching my acting through song, and developing believable characters on stage, leading me to opportunities that without this teaching I would not have experienced. His professional and friendly approach to lessons has helped me gain a great deal of confidence, and he has always pushed me to achieve goals outside of my ‘comfort zone’. Without Scott’s teaching I would not have been able to complete my grade 8 singing exam and come out with a distinction, which has ultimately opened more doors for me in the last few years. Scott’s 1 to 1 lessons will stand with me for the rest of my training and my professional career, and I will continue to train with him for as long as possible.

Madeleine Wood

3rd Year Student in Musical Theatre at Chichester Conservatoire

I have been studying on the Foundation Course at East 15 Acting School for the last year and am just about to begin my studies at Rose Bruford. I can honestly say that neither of these would have happened if it weren’t for my 1 to 1 lessons with Scott. From the memorable warm-up techniques I still practice today, to just being a place where I can move on from personal troubles happening at the time and focus solely on my career and the different paths I could take. One of the most important things I have learnt from Scott’s lessons is, it doesn’t matter how you progress. You could go down any route of performance, learn a song or a monologue and the way you go about these things will be individual to you. Keeping that individuality is massively important. This is exactly why these lessons help and why I found them so benefical. You really learn about yourself, your learning process and what paths to take for the future, things that are near to impossible in a normal class of 20.

Luke Jones

1rd Year Student at Rose Bruford BA Acting

Having my one to one singing lesson with Scott every week allowed me to have individual attention, set targets and receive help with improving on my weaknesses, which I wouldn’t get in a large group setting. Without these lessons I wouldn’t have learnt half as much as I have because Scott personalised each of his lessons to the student and works on what we each need to do to improve. I looked forward to the lessons every week and know that they played a huge part in helping me move forward with my musical theatre training. I felt extremely lucky to have the lessons as part of my training as it benefited me hugely, improving my confidence, singing technique and performance skills. Scott’s teaching is flawless and I will always appreciate being able to have a one to one lesson each week as it allowed me to develop so much.

Maya Simmons

Foundation Student at Doreen Bird School of Performing Arts